Spicy Feedback

"If you want delicious spices that are certified organic and kosher, and that are ecologically produced and sustainably sourced, and that come in a super convenient, minimalist-style spice stand and containers, Five Continents Spices should be your go-to brand. These are quality spices for health-minded eating, that are good for the planet and good for your palate."

Catherine Pappas, The Living Gourmet


“I really like the design. It’s small, yet holds a lot, fits in my hand nicely and doesn’t spill out all at once with a nice flick of the wrist (Think gentle rock-skipping action), and has conveniently replaced bulky un-uniform boxes and containers with a compact, streamlined, space-saving unit. My cupboard was instantly decluttered and when I go to bake cookies, I remove the entire island (the stack of 6 pucks), which has all the necessary ingredients: Salt, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Allspice. Thank you Five Continent Spices!”

Laura Ingram


"Your organic cinnamon aroma alone was enough to make me dump out the "other" organic one that I poured in there from McCormick."

Eric P, NYC


"I made the chicken paprikash last night for my family. It turned out great! I used pappardelle noodles and the only modification I made from your recipe was that I doubled the garlic. There were leftovers so it will be enjoyed for a couple more days. 


As for the paprika, I tasted some on my finger plain and more on a hard boiled egg before making the dish. It is really, really fresh/flavorful paprika....I normally use typical store bought paprika, which of course has likely sat on a shelf under hot lights for who knows how long before finding its way to my kitchen. I'm looking forward to using the other spices."

Clint M., Cupertino, CA

"So I've used about half of the spices so far, and have been very impressed. Especially by the dried basil. As somebody who grew up eating a lot of Italian food with fresh basil, I've always thought that most dried basil was garbage (and it usually is vs fresh). While it's hard to replace fresh basil, your dried basil is the best I've had...I've used it in 3 pasta dishes already and will do so again tonight.


I'm looking forward to using some of the others that I rarely (if ever) use in dishes that are out of my comfort zone...I plan on cooking several new items that eventually incorporate all of the spices (not at the same time of course, but a series of dishes that use the entire range). I'll let you know how those turn out.

Tonight I'm doing my eldest son's favorite before he starts the 2nd grade....a kid's classic (and his favorite thing I cook)...rotini with a Bolognese (and your basil). Crushed red pepper will also go on mine and my younger son's plate (the only other member of the family who likes spicy)."

Bill M., Boston, MA

"Used the Herbes de Provence, they were lovely - I loved the coarseness of the mix, and you could  taste every individual herb!" 

Chef Ruaraidh, England

"They were very good for braising."

Chef John, NYC

"The taster pack was excellent. I have not been able to test all of your recipes, but the chicken was awesome!"

Jan H., Munich, Germany

"The spice cabinet is the scariest cabinet in my house."

Ant L., San Francisco, CA

"Protecting my spices against light to keep them potent for longer is a huge benefit."

Lisa S., Jacksonville, FL

"I like the aesthetics.  The timing is perfect.  My spice cabinet is so cluttered, I just knocked over a glass bottle of vanilla, shattering all over the floor."

Serena P., New York, NY

"Thanks for letting me spoon out spices precisely."

Sven M., Berlin, Germany

"The spice and herb market needed a complete rethink."

Marco B., London, UK