Our SpicePuck     Container


Passionate about cooking? Tired of Clutter?

We are all avid cooks who became frustrated with the mess of our spice cabinets and the poor design of the spice bottles.

SpicePuck Benefits

The Five Continent SpicePuck™ is a better functioning, uniquely shaped spice container with two doors, a stainless steel bottom for durability and to keep spices potent. The hockey puck shape and weight make it feel great in your hand


A shaker door lets you shake out spices the same way you currently use your glass containers. The large spoon door allows precise and easy access with a measuring spoon. Shake or Spoon - impossible with old-fashioned glass jars.

The SpicePuck is designed for a lifetime's use, so make your purchase - it comes fully loaded with our delicious spices - and then come back for our Baggies (below) to keep "topped up".

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SpicePuck with shaker door open
SpicePuck with large spoon door open

Keep Your Spices Spicy (Protect & Serve)

The Five Continent SpicePuck’s stainless steel base and solid top protect your valuable organic spices from “potency-reducing” light exposure. Let your SpicePucks serve you where you need them instead of keeping them "far, far away" in a pantry or a kitchen cabinet.

Easy Access

The SpicePuck shaker door is color coded to allow easy access to organic spices and herbs.

Color Coded SpicePucks

Large Volume – More Spice

It is not obvious, but the SpicePucks are 10-20% bigger than traditional glass containers. We will include more organic spices in the SpicePucks than your average glass bottle can hold.

SpicePuck holds 20% more spices