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Dreaming of Skiing in the Dolomites this Winter??

Since it is November and the nights are getting colder, I yearn to ski in the Dolomites this winter. As a teenager from Berlin, Germany, almost every year we skied in the Italian Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy’s most Northern Province almost every year. That included two ski trips with my high school which introduced us to the white Muskatell (or Moscatello) and the red Vernatsch (or Schiava). Getting wine or beer for 16 year olds was completely normal and the teachers did not mind either. While we drank cold Moscatello at night at the local disco, we drank Vernatsch warm as Glühwein after skiing during sunset.

Well, since the Dolomites won’t happen this winter, how about a taste of South Tyrol while fantasizing about the Sellaronda (a whole day ski trip circumnavigating the Sella massif). The Südtiroler Glühwein is super simple: Vernatsch, of course (or a voluminous red wine at hand), our organic cloves, our organic cinnamon, untreated oranges, and sugar - punto e basta.

To be exact, mix one bottle of Vernatsch, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, 5 cloves, skin of ¼ untreated/organic orange. Slowly heat to just under boiling, steep for minimum of 5 min., remove cloves, add more cinnamon & sugar to taste, serve in a large coffee mug. If you feel cold (inside or out), add a shot of Obstler (acquavite di frutta) to each mug. Enjoy and imagine fresh powder under your skis or board.

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