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Greece is a great place to visit, ancient history is easily accessible and everywhere (super impressive and stunning ruins are lurking everywhere). Even though it has been a while, I still remember the spectacular sculptures at the National Museum in Athens. It is also difficult to understand the magic of natural theaters until you stand on the stage of one and whisper to the audience... A visit to Greece needs to include a visit to the islands (of course, the all time favorite Santorini), a tour of the strange monasteries in the North, a plunge into the beautiful waters, and a glimpse of interesting religious ceremonies. Given the contribution to Western civilization, philosophy, and drama, Greece has to be visited.

Walk at least once in the shadows of giants. when you visit ancient ruins or the amphitheater – then remember Greek philosophers, scientists, politicians, warriors and their presence and influence becomes palpable and sometimes magical. I never forget the moment I saw the Zeus and the Horse & Jockey statues in Athens which are transcendent if you let them.

On a lighter note, today’s Greece is also a great place for friendship and celebration. Grilled fish, octopus, squid, wine, ouzo, singing, dancing, and talking make visits to Greece very enjoyable. From a culinary perspective, I think of truly, truly unique Greek food items, like Moussaka, Feta cheese, and Retsina wine. These three are items that you either like or not. And if you like them, they are amazing. So come for the history, sun, islands, music, wine, singing and dancing, and some very special food.

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