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Before we talk about Bavarian food, we need to explain a bit more about Germany. From the outside, i.e the rest of the world, Germany and Germans seem very homogeneous which makes sense. However, once in Germany, there are vast regional differences. These differences are political, historic, religious, economical, geological, and even meteorological. We will return to these differences eventually.

Bavaria, in the Southern part of Germany, is probably the main destination for tourist from all over the world. Bavaria is truly picturesque, the state capital Munich is beautiful, Cinderella’s castle is not too far from there, Heidi, the Sound of Music, and the Alps are all there. Lastly, Oktoberfest and BMW are in Munich. Because of the tourism dominance of Bavaria over the rest of Germany, it has become synonymous with Germany. Well, that is very unfortunate since the rest of Germany is somewhat looking down on Bavaria. It is a bit comparable to Texas, part of the country but very different (in a few nice ways but mostly a bit loud and embarrassing). So, for someone from Prussia, Bavaria and Bavarians are very different people, very, very different people. So is their food – finally we getting to the points.

They drink beer out of liter glasses because it has less alcohol than Northern German beer. But drinking it takes time, requires everyone to slow down, and allows for great conversations.

There are some great dishes though:

  • Nürnberger Rostbratwurst (tiny grilled sausages)

  • Schweinshaxe (crispy pork knuckles)

  • Weisswurst (white sausages best eaten late morning on a Sunday with special mustard and a beer)

  • Schwammerl (Bavarian equivalent to porcini mushrooms)

  • Grilled duck (it did not originate in Bavaria but it has been adopted and is available everywhere - it is typically served with red cabbage and a special pasta)

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