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Geez, two favorite foods again. One does not require any cooking. It is Jamon Serrano or the even more amazing Jamon Iberico. Eat it once and never go back. Whenever I am in Spain, I eat it as an appetizer at every meal (well, at least at dinner).

The second dish is Paella. I prefer Paella with Squid Ink (it turns the rice black, adds a subtle flavor, and you can rest assured that your guests probably never had it before). Cooking a great Paella is conceptually tricky since it requires a few ingredients that are a bit difficult to find in the US (besides squid ink), namely langoustines (if you have never seen one, here is the link to Wikipedia with photos - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephrops_norvegicus). These are small spiny lobsters and are about 10-15 cm long. The tail can be eaten, like in a lobster, but the magic is that they are mostly bones which add a ton of flavor. The second ingredient is the rice. Using Bomba rice is as important as having the patience to simmer it, very slowly. Lastly, a heavy, large skillet or even better a paella pan (doesn't everyone have one taking up space in the closet for the once a year use?). The bigger, the better (and the heavier, the better). Paella is all about slow-cooking and presentation to your friends. A recipe that I like can be found at the NY Times (Paella by the Sea by John Willoughby - https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1014888-paella-of-the-sea?action=click&module=Global%20Search%20Recipe%20Card&pgType=search&rank=8n ). This recipe is without squid ink and langoustines but still impressive. For the more exotic versions put Barcelona or Mallorca on your vacation list. Lastly, since I think this dish is perfect for an al fresco dinner during the hot summer months, I prefer a crisp, light, cooled white or rose wine.

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