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Oh, where to begin. How about my hometown? Immediately, two very special Berlin dishes come to mind. The first one, and my all time favorite, is Goose, the best ever winter dish. The second one is Berliner Currywurst (Curry Sausage). That one depends on the quality of the sausage, and until today, I have not ever found a sausage that even comes close, in the US or elsewhere. The Currywurst mit Pommes (with Fries) is not just a great fast food dish but also a big-time Berlin-specific cultural phenomenon. That is a worth a blog post all by itself. In the meantime, visit Berlin and try it (preferably late at night).

Alright back to the goose. A friend of mine, who is a better cook than me, found the ultimate goose recipe in a German cooking magazine in 2002. I have been using it ever since, every year for Christmas. It follows all of the standard recipes of roasting a goose (including Beifuß - Mugwort) with one seemingly crazy difference. You have to stuff a 1-liter mineral water bottle into the goose (yes, glass, yes, sparkling water to ensure it is strong enough to survive, and yes, top first into the onion and apple stuffing). The magic is that the bottle gets hot, the air circulates a bit, and it cooks the legs from the inside. That shortens the cooking time a bit and ensures that breast and thighs are ready at the same time. Send us a message if you want me to send you the recipe (I can translate it from German).

Lastly, do not forget the red cabbage, green cabbage, potato dumplings, lingonberry gelée (jelly), and gravy that go along with the goose. I pair it with a Zinfandel which may be a bit overkill, but I think if you want to eat a heavy meal, might as well go all out.

PS: Mugwort is not too easy to get (it will be included in our Spice Club shipments at the right time) and should only be used with care (you should read up on it online first, especially if you have a pregnant or soon to be pregnant women on your guest list).

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