• Organic Rosemary


  • Morocco


  • Whole


  • Organic, Kosher

Typical Use

  • Spring and Summer with seafood and vegetables, Fall and Winter with red meat roasts



  • Rosemary is another one of the well-known herbs that originated in the greater Mediterranean room and dates back several thousand years. It is now grown and used all over the world. Due to its strong flavor, only relatively small amounts need to be used. Our organic rosemary was grown in Morocco. 


  • Rosemary is an incredibly flavorful herb that works great on roasts. Since it is very flavorful, only small amounts need to be used for cooking. To bring out the best of rosemary, we recommend that you break the rosemary leaves in your hand before adding it to the dish. It is a great herb for entertaining because its warm and welcoming scent will permeate the whole house while the meat is roasting. It works especially great with roasted chicken and pork.

One of the go-to dishes during my student years was arrosto, which supposedly came from Florentine monks, resulting in a divine roast. It is important to manage the pork roast's temperature a little bit anticipating the continuing cooking while it rests. Depending on the size, the interior temp will probably go up another 5 or more degrees while resting for 5-8 minutes. 


  • Rosemary is used as a symbol of remembrance in the Anglosaxon world (including at funerals). It is probably a derivative of its folk medicinal legend of improving memory capabilities.


  • According to Christian legend, Rosemary's name was changed from Rosemarinus because of its importance for the Virgin Maria (who during her escape with Jesus hung her coat on a rosemary bush whose blossoms changed from white to blue).

Rosemary is also a sacred herb in Egypt.


  • The herb has long had an association with memory and scholarly pursuits. In ancient Greece, students wore garland wreaths of rosemary around their heads to help them retain information and improve recall during exams. Ironically, rosemary contains a potent antioxidant compound called rosmarinic acid that is being studied for its efficacy in countering memory loss in people with neurological disorders.


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