The South Tyrolean Glühwein Combo - Cloves & Cinnamon

One bag of Organic, Fairtrade Cinnamon and One bag of Organic, Fairtrade Cloves - Amazingly flavorful and perfect for the simple but awesome Südtiroler Glühwein. For warmth during cold nights or as a substitute for this year's winter vacation.


The Südtiroler Glühwein is super simple: Vernatsch, of course (or a voluminous red wine at hand), cloves, cinnamon, untreated oranges, and sugar - punto e basta.


To be exact, mix one bottle of Vernatsch, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, 5 cloves, skin of ¼ untreated/organic orange. Slowly heat to just under boiling, steep for minimum of 5 min., remove cloves, add more cinnamon & sugar to taste, serve in a large coffee mug. If you feel cold (inside or out), add a shot of Obstler (acquavite di frutta) to each mug. Enjoy and imagine fresh powder under your skis or board.


Origin - Both are from Sri Lanka where the local communities and small plot farmers benefit through fair trading principles.


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The South Tyrolean Glühwein Combo - Cloves & Cinnamon

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