Five Continent Spices™ Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Spices Reimagined - Organic Spices and Herbs in Innovative Spice Containers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Five Continent Spices, an innovative purveyor and packager of organic spices and herbs, today launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Five Continent Spices recently unveiled the Five Continent SpicePucksTM - organic spices in unique containers designed by home-chefs for home-chefs – which is now available for purchase on the crowdfunding site ( Five Continent SpicePucks address the three most common problems of spices and herbs in traditional jars: Functionality, Spice Quality, and Clutter.

The better functioning, uniquely shaped spice container functions in a superior manner to existing spice containers by preserving flavor and potency while filled to the brim with high quality, organic spices.

"Current spice containers don't work well. I really like the aesthetics and the timing is perfect. My spice cabinet is so cluttered, I just knocked over a glass bottle as I was reaching for a spice and had it shatter all over the floor," says Serena, home-chef, New York.

"Kickstarter is a proven crowdfunding platform with an avid "early adopter" community. We are convinced that this is a great way to tap into the community for feedback and first movers," says Neil Mitchell, co-founder and marketer. "We highly value the Kickstarter community and its role in supporting innovation. We look forward to the community supporting the Five Continent Spices concept."

The Kickstarter funds will be used to begin manufacturing, assembly and shipping of kits to the backer community. 

About Five Continent Spices​

The company name reflects that spices are an essential part of cultures on all five continents. The company's organic spices and herbs originate from all five continents and the founders' experiences span all five continents. 

The company's unique spice containers and designer stand provide superior functionality to existing glass-based spice containers by preserving each spices flavor and potency, dispensing spices more precisely, minimizing space usage, and ending kitchen clutter. The company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, located nearby spice and herb farms. For more information, please visit


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