Five Continent Spices Secures Seed Funding and Announces Crowdfunding Campaign

Spices Reimagined - Organic Spices and Herbs in Innovative Spice Containers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Five Continent Spices, an innovative purveyor and packager of organic spices and herbs, today announced the closing of its seed funding round.  The company received an undisclosed amount of funding from its founders and a small number of private angel investors.  The company will use this financing to finalize prototype development and launch of a crowdfunding campaign.

Current glass and plastic containers prematurely age spices and contribute to a loss of flavor and potency. Moreover, the cumbersome nature of spice packaging means that fewer spices get used by home cooks or in the right quantities.

In response, Five Continent Spices has developed a unique container for organic spices and herbs that has been designed for home-chefs by a group of home-chefs with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, and importing of food products to make meals more flavorful and fun.  The better functioning, uniquely shaped spice container functions in a superior manner to existing spice containers by preserving flavor and potency, dispensing spices precisely, minimizing space requirements, and ending kitchen clutter.

On April 12, 2018, the company will unveil its newly designed spice containers and launch its crowdfunding campaign.

"Current spice containers don't work well for cooks, and the traditional glass jars clutter up almost everyone's kitchen. If you look around your kitchen almost everything has seen significant design improvements during the last 20 years, except spices are still a mess," says Afsaneh Delan, Co-Founder, Five Continent Spices.

"The Five Continent Spices product lends itself well to a crowdfunding campaign," says Eric Porres, frequent backer of crowdfunding campaigns, and continues, "and this will enable the team to raise additional funds to move to large-scale manufacturing and to validate market viability of their products."

About Five Continent Spices

The company name reflects that spices are an essential part of cultures on all five continents. The company's organic spices and herbs originate from all five continents and the founders' experiences span all five continents.

The company's unique spice containers and designer stand provide superior functionality to existing glass-based spice containers by preserving each spices flavor and potency, dispensing spices more precisely, minimizing space usage, and ending kitchen clutter.  The company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, located nearby spice and herb farms.  For more information, please visit


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