Our Team

Five Continent Spices Team

Spices are part of the culture on all five continents. Our spices originate from all five continents. The founders' experience spans all five continents. 

As a team, we are very experienced in bringing both, new FMCG and technology products, to market. We draw on our passion for food, cooking, entertaining, design, and our real-world experience in engineering, product development, manufacturing, supply chain management, e-commerce, and support.

Five Continent Spices team

The Continental European - Erik

Erik used his global business travels to over 60 countries to explore local and unusual food. While Erik attended high school in Berlin, Germany, he worked in a commercial, high-end kitchen, almost convincing himself to become a chef. Ever since he enjoys cooking for friends and family adding dishes and spices from his international travels. His proudest moment was cooking three completely different ducks for a large dinner party.

The British - Neil

Neil left England to discover good food  :-)   He has lived in various locations across the USA, and now resides in Silicon Valley, where he enjoys the wide variety of ethnic dishes on offer. He has also traveled extensively, adding to his exposure to different tastes. His experiences in marketing, engineering, supply chain, and growing new businesses from scratch, are all helping Five Continent Spices.


The East Asian - Dr. Wuby

Having grown up in a suburb of Taiwan, Dr. Wuby prefers delicacies from local eateries and family-style cooking over any fine-dining foods. He prides himself on his lack of Michelin-worthy restaurant experiences and still calls himself a food enthusiast. In his other life, Dr. Wuby is a serial entrepreneur who has over 25 years of experience in product development, e-commerce, web management and inbound marketing strategies. And just for the record, Dr. Wuby makes excellent chicken feet and a killer flan.

The Middle Eastern - Afsaneh

Afsaneh grew up in Persia and always reminisces about home-cooked Persian food and the good old days. She began cooking with her mother when she was 6 and has cooked ever since. After she came to California, she began fusing Persian and Californian cuisine. Afsaneh primarily uses organic ingredients and spices in her creations, most often sourced at local farmers markets. She is in the process of documenting the dishes and recipes passed on by her mother.

The American - Matt

Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Matt’s love of cooking began in grade school at an early age. From there, he worked his way through high school and college in the restaurant industry starting out as a “shake-boy” at the local Foster’s Freeze and later working in just about every role a restaurant has from busboy to pizza maker, bartender to restaurant manager. With over 15 years experience in working with a wide range of media and channels, he is helping to take Five Continent Spices to the next level.