Our Story

Why Spices?  Very simple.  Three fundamentals make every culture unique:  Language, Music, and Food (Spices). 


As a matter of fact, Species and Spices are based on the same Latin word root “spec” (or appearance, kind, sort).  Out of the three fundamentals, it is the easiest to travel between cultures.  Spices promote cultural interaction and are probably the first item that was traded between cultures.  Of course, over the last few thousand years, spices were also used to drive exploration & exploitation, exercise political & military power, and generate wealth & prestige.


Professional Cooking is probably almost as old as the use of spices (think separation of labor between hunters and gatherers/farmers – the latter typically preparing food).  However, over the last few thousand years, professional cooking was probably limited to feeding hungry travelers & armies on the move as well as aristocracies’ ability to afford dedicated cooks.  Thanks to the French revolution and Mdme Guillotine, chefs that were employed by aristocrats found themselves without employment.  They only knew how to cook, and so they opened restaurants to earn a living.  Thus, restaurants with high-quality cooking become open to mere mortals, democratizing the food culture, and forever establishing a special place for French cuisine in the history books.


Design in a broader sense is also as old as the use of spices (think tools for food preparation & cooking utensils as well as containers for preservation, storage & transportation).  As a separate discipline, industrial and consumer product design is best thought of as beginning with the industrial revolution.  Design matured during the Bauhaus & Art Deco periods and has continuously progressed to today’s web-based user interface design as well as consumer product designs.  The last 40 years saw the convergence of kitchen equipment design and dining room & utensil design.  This design convergence is a result of how professional kitchens have opened up and embraced diners (think open kitchen, counter seats, chef’s tables, etc.) and the increasing number of hobby chefs who create magic at home.


So, we are combining the best spices, cooking concepts, and modern design to make your kitchen more functional and your food better tasting.