Organic Spices

Consistent, Organic, High Quality

Consistent, Organic, High Quality

Of course, include high quality, organic, spices and herbs that will elevate your cooking. Several of our partners and cooperatives source directly from farmers and growers globally to ensure excellent quality. We prioritize suppliers that produce their spices in ways that are good for growers and the planet. Needless to say, the better the spice, the better your results.


For example, the spices used in the cooking video are certified organic and kosher with the rosemary grown in Morocco, the sage in Italy and the cayenne (30,000 HU) in India.

Five Continent Spices is proud to offer only premier organic spices ...

Five Continent Spices offers premier organic spices

Sustainable Design 

The SpicePuck's stainless steel base and the solid top are made to last. Also, we offer a cost-effective refill baggie to minimize waste.

Five Continent Spices offers cost effective refill baggies

Democratize Spices


Tired of paying different prices for different spices? All our spices are a a single price, regardless of the spice type.

Same with the refill baggie, regardless of the spice type. It is shipped in a protective pouch. It also contains more spice than the SpicePuck container will hold itself, so you will have a reserve.