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Individual Spices 

Welcome to our high quality, organic, individually packed spices and or herbs.  (A small number of our spices and herbs are not organic and specifically marked).  Buy just the spices or herbs that you need for your next dinner, brunch, lunch, or whenever you want to spice up your life.


Specialist designed, patent-pending, metal containers make it easier for you to shake or spoon out spices.  At the same time, they protect against light and air to have your spices stay spicy.  Light kills your spices over time and we always wondered why we had to buy spices in glass or transparent containers in the past.


Key benefits:


  • Easy to use and functional

  • One price for all spices

  • Protects against light and air to prevent spice degradation

  • High quality, organic spices and herbs

  • Great looking display


Kits - select spices together with SpiceMeister's unique kitchen stand

Spice up your spicy life.  High quality, organic, individually packed spices or herbs for you.  Protect the freshness of your spices from light and air, with our patent-pending container. All at a great price. 


We offer three, five or ten spice stands.  To make it easy for you, we came up with some spice combinations for awesome food regions, such as Mediterranean or SE Asian spices and herbs.


Pick and choose


Remix - spices mixed and matched by the spice experts just for you 

Welcome to high quality spice and herb mixes.  We picked spices and herbs and mixed them just for you, finding exactly the right balance.  Makes cooking even easier for you.


Club Membership

Enjoy the benefit of SpiceMeister's unique spice sections year round ... delivered to your door.

Why don’t you get a selection of new, regional, or seasonal spices delivered to your home every month.  We start out with a regional collection of spices on the awesome display stand.  Then, every month, you will receive an additional curated set of spices, together with some ideas on how to make your life spicier.

Spice Rack

SpiceMeister's unique spice rack available to purchase individually


Running on Empty?  Need more?  Just pick the spices you need and we will send it to you in baggie.  So you can refill your containers.