Frequently asked questions

Do you offer refills?

Yes. We offer something we call "baggie." The protective pouch contains enough spices to fill an existing SpicePuck. In other words, more spices than your regular glass jar.

How much can you fit into a SpicePuck?

We designed the SpicePucks to be about 10-20% bigger than most normal-sized glass containers. Our Refill baggies will contain more spices and herbs than you would get in grocery store glass containers to take advantage of the bigger volume of the SpicePuck.

What materials are the SpicePucks made of?

The bottom is food grade stainless steel and the tops are made of food grade polypropylene carbonate.

If I want to store the pucks in my cabinet or a drawer, how can I identify the product?

We will ship the initial kits with a self-adhesive sheet that allows you to put the spice name on the side of the puck. That way, you can identify the spice from the side as well. We expect to design custom holders for cabinets and drawers later this year. We will share our designs with you as soon as we have the first prototypes.

What is the footprint & height of the stand and will it fit under my wall cabinet?

The footprint of the Five Continent Spices stand is 4.00 inches wide (101.6 millimeters), by 4.25 inches deep (107.95 millimeters), by 7.00 inches high (177.8 millimeters), which should allow it to easily fit on the counter under any wall cabinet, or inside the cabinet itself.

Why not include pepper or salt in your kits?

We made a decision not to include salt and pepper for two reasons. The first one is that there are so many different types of peppers and salts out there, it is difficult to select one that will satisfy everyone (black, green, red, white peppers from different countries, regions, and styles – same for salt). The second, more important reason is that we think salt and pepper should be in a grinder (especially pepper) because grinding it to the right size at the right time (i.e., fresh) makes a huge difference. Obviously, our SpicePucks do not have grinding capabilities and putting whole peppercorns into your food is a really bad idea and a waste of fine peppers.

Can I use my SpicePuck if there are scratches on the bottom?

Yes, every SpicePuck has been completely cleaned and is ready for use. The stainless steel SpicePucks were manufacturered in such small batches from recycled stainless steel that we consider them handcrafted. That approach leads to some visual inconsistencies that do not impact the functionallity.