Crushed Red Pepper


  • Organic Chili Pepper


  • China/India


  • Crushed


  • Organic, Kosher

Typical Use

  • All year



  • Conceptually, crushed red pepper and cayenne's history are identical since they are basically different forms of the same spice (crushed red pepper contains both skin and seeds of the chili pepper). Typically cayenne pepper is hotter if you’re comparing it to generic crushed red pepper. Where cayenne powder is made from only the cayenne pepper (30,000 to 70,000 Scoville heat units), crushed red pepper (or red pepper flakes) is typically made from three or four different chilies. Cayenne is normally the base of the mix, but it can be cut with chilies far lower on the pepper scale, including the milder ancho and jalapeño. The mix dilutes the overall heat compared to the 100% cayenne. Rest assured, our organic crushed red pepper flakes are 100% organic chili peppers.


  • Crushed red pepper flakes are on tables and counters in every pizzeria — often even chained with the Parmesan: glass, metal-topped shakers filled with red pepper flakes. For many, crushed pepper is part of the pizza experience and conventional wisdom says that it became a must-have for pizza in America. Truthfully, in Italy, you don't find red pepper flakes on the tables or as a typical condiment on pizza. In general, most pizza in Italy is not very spicy (as in spicy-spicy). But of course, it can be used to bring the heat for a lot of dishes as long as you do not mind the size of the flakes on a dish. Because of the size, many cooks prefer Cayenne (see our organic Cayenne background info).

Lastly, some advice, if you want invisible spiciness that permeates the entire dish, then, cayenne powder is the choice to make. Crushed red pepper, on the other hand, produces surface heat. Sprinkling those red pepper flakes on top of pizza, salads, and sandwiches is the quick way to bring the heat. Surprisingly, most people control their heat better with crushed red pepper. With cayenne, it’s easy to over-spice due to the tiny grains.

However, it is also widely used in Mexican and African dishes and we picked a few recipes for those.


  • A must for Mexican and African cooking, our organic crushed Red Chili Pepper Flakes are made from hot dried red peppers and give a lively kick to any dish. Sprinkle sparingly in marinara and pizza sauces, soups and on grilled vegetables and meats.


  • See Cayenne - Chili peppers had spiritual meaning for the Incas, Aztecs, Olmecs, and Mayans. Since Cayenne pepper has tremendous health benefits and originated in Central or South America, it would make sense to have it take on a spiritual meaning as well. Mixing it with tobacco (nicotine) was a mystical potion used by shamans to ward off evil spirits. That tradition has continued until today where chili peppers are an important ingredient of witchcraft and Voodoo for a variety of spells.


  • See Cayenne - There is general agreement that hot chili peppers are one of healthiest plants we can eat. It has beneficial effects on digestion, pain, weight loss, irritation, skin disease (when administered topically), flu & cold prevention, provides vitamins A & E, and others. If you want to learn more about the benefits -


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