• Organic Turmeric


  • India


  • Powdered Root


  • Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher

Typical Use

  • All Year



  • Our organic, fair trade, kosher turmeric powder is from India. Obviously that is not a surprise since turmeric is a critical ingredient for curry (flavor, health, color).


  • There are probably as many curry recipes as there are households and restaurants in South & East India, SE Asia, Middle East, and by now countries around the world. So far, we have not one encountered that does not use Turmeric as the main ingredient. Since our Turmeric is not just organic but also fair-trade sourced, the superior quality is amazingly flavorful. Use it for your favorite curry recipe and it will taste even better.

  • Turmeric is used beyond just curries. It is used in tagines, soups (Thai, Indonesian, and others), pates, and of course in teas and surprisingly in cakes. We added a few "non-curry" recipes below (visit the curry page for a selection of curries). Regardless, when you compare ours to regular store turmeric and you will never go back. 


  • Curries, even with Turmeric as the main and common ingredient, vary greatly based on local customs, available and acceptable ingredients and starches. For example, in India's Kerala, curries can be made with pork, which would not go over well in many families in Pakistan. Similarly, there are dry and wet curries, curries with rice, potatoes, or bread, curries made with water, broth, tomato puree, or similar. The local culture will be reflected in its curries. Rest assured, Turmeric is in all of them.


  • While there is little mention of curries and spirituality, there are many beliefs that assign spiritual importance to food and eating. For example, braking bread and eating together in Sikhism is a fundamental part of the religion. It communicates equality and openness to every member. It is well known that at the Golden Temple in Punjab, the holiest place for Sikhs, 10,000 Sikhs and guests are eating together after service. 


  • Turmeric is believed to have a number of valuable health benefits, including cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s prevention as well as pain and inflammation reduction. It also improves bone health, boosts immunity, and increases the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body. As a result, turmeric is considered to be one of the most widely used and beneficial spices for health purposes.