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Erik's Travel Blog - Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is one of my favorite countries, and Mexico City is one of my favorite cities. In order to do it justice, I will write more than one blog to cover the country and the city. So here goes the first one. A good friend asked me for advice about how to experience Mexico City. I have to say that I am completely partial to Mexico, DF. It is one of the greatest, most cultured places in the world. If you have never visited, go! You have missed an incredible experience. So, here is my introduction into one of the greatest cities in the world. Enjoy Planning tip: long before you go to Mexico, make a reservation for dinner at Pujol, Rosetta or Quintonil. Day I Downtown and San Angel Inn – Get an

Erik's Food Blog - Brazil

My first trip to Brazil was to Rio de Janeiro at a time when you received combat pay traveling there. Rio was considered the murder capital of the world and for the first time in my life, I considered ordering a car service from the hotel to pick me up. That was supposed to ensure that nothing bad would happen when you are most vulnerable (at the arrival airport, over tired, disoriented, but with all your luggage, documents, and cash). Since I arrived early in the morning, on a weekend day, I easily found my driver and got to the hotel (at the Southern end of Ipanema beach within a good half hour). The driver was a young student and we ended up spending the rest of the day driving around Ri

Erik's Food Blog - Chile

Chile is one of the most under-appreciated travel destinations in the world. You are typically welcomed with a Pisco Sour, which is made of Pisco (a clear hard alcohol, a la aguardiente), local lime, syrup, and ice. It is a great aperitif, with a distinct, unique flavor. Visiting Santiago de Chile during spring or fall is spectacular. You have pleasant weather in the capital and within one hour's drive east or west, a different paradise awaits. Let’s go East first. You will drive into the Andes to one of the ski resorts that are surrounded by incredible snow and glacier capped mountains. Interestingly, your ski resort is only halfway up the mountain and the lifts do not go much higher, which

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