Spices Reimagined    - Organic Spices, Ingenious Containers, and Good for our Environment


Designed by home-chefs for home-chefs, our smart containers are filled with hand-selected, high-quality organic spices, shaped for precise use and to preserve flavors, good for the environment, all for better tasting, healthy food. And oh, by the way, the minimalistic stand makes access to your spices easy.

Organic Spices for Healthy Food

We include high quality, organic spices and herbs from all over the world that will elevate your cooking. We hand-selected only the best, most flavorful spices, carefully package and protect them for great taste. Say goodbye to artificial ingredients, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. Needless to say, better spices, better cooking, healthy results. 

Ingenious, Cool Containers


Our unique hockey-puck-shaped containers, we call SpicePucks   , protect your valuable organic spices from "potency-reducing" light exposure. Our SpicePucks have a stainless steel base and solid top with two doors - one for shaking and one to precisely spoon out your spices. Your spices and herbs will retain their flavor and you don't need to replace them as often. The SpicePuck is designed for a lifetime's use. Make your purchase - it comes fully loaded with our delicious spices - and then come back for our Baggies (below) to keep "topped up".


Five Continent Spices SpicePuck with shaker door open

Good for our Environment

We considered how we could combine our love of cooking and our concerns about the environment. For example, reducing spice and herb waste seems very small, but if you consider that virtually every household uses spices, together, little changes will add up.


With this mind our SpicePuck's stainless-steel base and the BPA-free top make your spices last a long time. Better protected spices and reusable SpicePucks also reduce landfill.


Additionally, all of our premier organic spices are shipped in minimalist Baggies to reduce waste.


Organic farming has a big impact towards a better environment by improving soil quality, reducing erosion, enhancing water filtration, storing more carbon, and increases biodiversity.


Considering the reduced waste, reusable SpicePuck, and support of organic farming, we helping to slow down global warming while making life a bit spicier.

Find the Right Spice at the Right Time

What good are great organic spices in smart containers if you cannot easily find them? The minimalist design of the Five Continent Spices stand makes your spices easy to find, use, and store. The high-density and small footprint frees-up valuable counter space or easily fits into a drawer or cabinet.  Additionally SpicePucks can be affixed directly to most any surface (fridge shown).

Five Continent Spices offers premier organic spices
Five Continent Spices stand for SpicePucks
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